The JTeManagement Difference

Like most training and learning companies JTe offers products and services that enable your company to grow and prosper through the development of your people. Unlike most training and learning companies we offer a mix of "out of the box" solutions or custom designed solutions depending on your needs.

When an existing program meets your specific training needs, and you or your internal customer are comfortable with such solution, JTe will work hard to adapt to your needs through structured facilitation to achieve your required learning outcomes.

Should you have specialized requirements that can only be met with customized training and learning materials JTe will work with you through our partners to provide the right fit for your needs.

Business Simulations

Learn about some of our engaging, fun and effective business simulations that can give
your business or organization an edge over the competition

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  • "This customized content was and is designed to increase sales and profitability"

    It goes to the heart of cost control and good and bad costs inside a company. This is accomplished by showing the connection between sales, direct and indirect costs, economic indicators and profit.

    Director, World-Wide Director of Leadership Development
    Chrystal Decisions, Vancouver, BC
  • "JTe provided better insights into our business"

    JTe provided better insights into our distribution business decision-making and provided a “hands on” opportunity to experience the effects of operating decisions and business strategy. Our employees explored the “big picture” of strategy, operations, cash generation, profits, how each person’s/department’s action offsets another’s and what impact this has on the company.

    Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development
  • "Great value to the participants"

    Of particular value for our participants were the operational company specific insights based on basic financial principles. Participants learnt how to incorporate this learning into their daily operations.

    Director, Learning and Development
    Ausenco Engineering
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