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About JTeManagement

Interactive Business Acumen Training

enable your employees with a realistic hands-on experience


The JTE Approach

Learning comes from our unique methodology and consultative expertise. Ultimately, we ensure that participants can implement their newly acquired business acumen insights quickly into their own operations.

Ask "What if…"

  • all our employees thought and acted like they owned the company?
  • all our employees could see and understand our value drivers?

Ask "What if…"

  • we could experiment with different strategies for different competition
  • we could increase competence without spending weeks in training

Ask "What if…"

  • our employees could get a hands-on experience to see how a more efficient operation will improve sales and performance?


JTe Management

JTe works with you to help you develop your employees into star performers. If you believe that people are your most valuable company asset then we want to work with you to ensure they grow and prosper within your company.

Tailored Solutions

JTE offers out of the box solutions, tailored solutions that use your information in an out of the box solution or custom built and designed solutions

Experienced Business Professionals

JTe is a firm of experienced business professionals with experience ranging from law to education, sales and marketing to accounting and engineering and software development to gaming technology

Benefit From Senior Managers

Our experience is our strength, you can benefit from senior managers and executives working with you on an as needed basis

Meet Your Needs

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the solutions provided meet your needs and advance your business process

Customized Training

Have specialized requirements that can only be met with customized training and learning materials – JTe will work with you to provide the right fit for your needs


Knowledge is the capacity to act in context.

Sometimes even a good learning experience may be of little value because the participants cannot relate the activities to their own working experience. To avoid this, the structure of learning has to match the structure of your business reality.

To begin we work closely with you to ensure a mutual understanding of your unique challenges, issues, employees and conditions. Furthermore, we can work with your senior management to define your strategic and tactical learning needs. We then frame the expected results by tying the learning solution to your desired achievements for increased company performance.

This is an important step to ensure consistency of learning outcomes for all participants and avoid contradictions & confusion. The choice of activities must be built upon relevant information and concepts – to ensure lasting knowledge, not short-lived lessons.

Most importantly, we work with you to ensure Celemi Solutions are a good match with your existing training and development programs.

A Trusted Learning Process

“We cannot just absorb other people’s knowledge…we can only create our own.”

It is human nature that people do not want to be spoon-fed conclusions made by others. They want to be provided with the relevant information and the opportunity to build their own big-picture understanding, reach their own “aha’s” and draw their own conclusions.

Our realistic business simulations and learning tools engage and challenge people as they develop the knowledge and skills required to improve business performance.


The value of what you know can only be seen by what you do.

Interaction and dialogue are proven methods for learning; traditional monologue lectures and handouts are not. Our learning simulations are designed to maximize dialogue, teamwork and interactivity – which are essential to effectiveness in both large and small group settings.

Our board and computer-based business simulations are among the best in the world. We have decades of experience in helping participants experience the impact of business decisions, which enables them to make smarter choices in real-life.


In any business, time of the essence. We have helped many companies – regional, national and multinational – to reach their entire employee base quickly, easily and consistently. We can also work with you to seamlessly integrate learning simulation programs with other events that you may be scheduling, such as speaker events, conferences and workshops.

Facilitation plays a very important role in the creation of a learning environment as it requires a special approach to the seminar. Through a well-defined accreditation process, we guarantee high impact, high quality deliveries. For company-wide implementations, we can certify members of your own team for in-house expertise or provide the experienced facilitators you require.


Employees who know how your business runs add more value to the company in terms of better decisions, intellectual capital, longevity and morale. We are very proud of our track record in this arena.

The success of the learning program is often evident during the program itself. However, the return on investment can be measured over the long term. We work with our clients to define the qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria that will give a realistic picture of impact.