business reality thumbBusiness Reality 101™ (BR101) is a board-based learning simulation designed to be delivered in less than one day (often four hours) that enables employees to make effective business decisions and to manage their simulated business. Participants work in teams of 3 or 4 participants and with anywhere from four to several hundred teams in a learning group.

There are currently four Business Reality 101 programs. Out of the box solutions include Operations, Distribution, Manufacturing and Health Care.

To be effective in business employees at all levels need to know the basics of financial literacy. These include but are not restricted to:

  • how your business works
  • how your company makes money
  • how cash flows in and out of your company
  • how positive or negative cash flow impacts your company
  • how do they know if they are having a positive or negative impact on your company
  • how their daily decisions impact the financial success of your company
  • how to work with and priortize the use of limited resources

There is the option of tailoring the content, look and feel of the program to reflect your business and your specific business issues. To this end we have worked with clients as diverse as a major government owned and controlled gaming and casino operator as well as a petroleum producer.

These programs are designed for employees at all levels including managers and supervisors, sales, marketing and HR employees with little financial knowledge but who have a direct impact on the financial results of the company.

Each team must choose a strategic direction to take their “company”, then execute the plan.

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