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how Your Business makes money

Your employees are your best competitive advantage!

Business management games creates Business literacy. 

Business literacy means “I know and understand how we make money”. Can your employees explain how you make money?

enable your employees

Business simulations help employees better understand working capital. They will recognize where improvements will make the most difference.

Participants will understand cost control, closing profitable sales, improving quality as well as other essential business issues.

If employees are expected to help you increase productivity and profitability, then business literacy is essential. Business simulations make improvement a reality!

business literacy

Business simulations are training sessions that typically last a day or two. Results are fast.

Business simulation learning approach ensures increased business literacy, long lasting, continuous improvement.

If your people understand where your organization wants to go – and why – they will take you there!

Adult learners prefer to learn by doing. Adult learners respond better in active learning rather than passive learning situations. Business Simulations participants are learning by doing.

  • Business simulations allow adults to learn effectively. Participants become lifelong learners.
  • Business simulations or business games enable your company to develop a performance-oriented culture.
  • Business simulations allow participants to practice new skills and develop new knowledge in a safe, controlled, interactive, realistic and experiential environment.
  • Business simulations can be web-based activities or facilitated group activities.
  • Business Simulations provide common jargon or verbiage within a company.

Our simulations are facilitator led and interactive. This leads to active learning and team bonding. Simulations provide understanding of different roles within a department, office or company.

Participants learn and understand appropriate responsibility and accountability in their role. Client companies become learning organizations.

Learning outcomes may include but are not limited to:

  • A common vision toward company goals and culture
  • Key messages at times of organizational change
  • Financial acumen using common business terminology including stakeholder value, cash flow, return on assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), EBIDA, Profitability, operating costs, margin, Capacity Utilization, Cost of Capital, Risk Management etc.
  • Measurement and understanding of the intangible assets of the company
  • Understanding strategic recruitment, development and retention of key personnel
  • Utilization of the growth potential of people and team chemistry
  • Identifying key business drivers
  • Framing a business strategy
  • Identifying preferred clients
  • Learning the strategies, assets and competencies of an organization.

Our learning strategy emphasizes competency based, application focused design and action learning concepts. Interactive business games or simulations enable your company to become a leader in business performance resulting in better retention and recruitment.

Business Acumen Financial Acumen

business finance, financial indicators, cash flow, inventory

Change Management

art and science of making good decisions

Health Care

focus is on cost and revenue centers

Profitability, Inventory Control

base future decisions on sound business thinking

Project Management

deliver project and business value

Sales Marketing

understand how to build a customer base


focusing on the right customers

Strategic Thinking

decision making, strategy, disruptive technology

Supply Chain

inventory, customer satisfaction, planning and profit

JTe is a leader in interactive business acumen training using business simulations and business simulation games.
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Client List

Solutions to business issues have been provided to many companies; large corporations to smaller businesses. The following list contains some of the industries JTe has worked with directly or through our partners.

Financial Services, Public Institutions, NGOs

IT/IS, Telecommunications

Manufacturing, Engineering, Automotive

Retail, Pharmaceutical, Health Care