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Business Finance Training for Everyone

Invite people to think like business owners – so they can base their future decisions on sound business thinking

Financial Acumen

Financial statements come to life through its simple, profound model of a company

Financial Indicators

Monitor cash flow, make resource utilization improvements, and measure results in real time

Business Growth

Participants develop an intrinsic business sense that will govern their future business decisions

Basic Financial Literacy

understand financial indicators

Apples & Oranges – All versions – Basic financial literacy – create and read financial statements, understand financial indicators, cash flow and inventory.

Invite people to think like business owners in an Apples and Oranges business simulation – so they can base their future decisions on sound business thinking.

Your people will explore the cause–and–effect relationships that govern a company´s financial statements – and develop an intrinsic business sense that will govern their future decisions in every day work.

Many small wins… Can one person´s actions really make a difference on profits and cash flow? In Celemi´s Apples & Oranges seminars, participants discover several opportunities for cost savings and improving cash flow. Are you ready to try it out?

Celemi Apples and Oranges Virtual and Classroom Quickfacts

Apples and Oranges Key Learnings

  • Business Acumen
  • Financial Literacy
  • How Your Business Works
  • Why Cash is King

Board Based Format

Facilitator led – with physical material in a physical classroom

  • Large format simulation board (100×70 cm)
  • Face-to-face team interaction and dialog
  • Includes the tactile learning element of moving physical coins to imitate the circulation of capital

Virtual Format

Facilitator led – can be delivered to muliple partipants in multiple locations 

  • 100 % browser based (no need to download)
  • An online app that every participant logs in to (one computer per participant or location)
  • For use on any conference platform with breakout room function
  • Team interaction and dialog in breakout rooms

Time required

  • 6-8 hours, corresponding to 3 years of operation can be delivered in more than 1 session over a period of days or weeks

Apples and Oranges Versions

  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing for Sales
  • Retail
  • Service


  • Celemi Apples and Oranges can accomodate from four to several thousand participants
  • Participants are grouped in teams of 3-4
  • One Celemi certified facilitator for every 25-30 people
  • Employees at all levels


  • Facilitators certified by Celemi


  • Celemi Apples and Oranges is available in multiple languages and is constantly being updated

Business Acumen and Financial Acumen Business Simulations

A and O Health Care

Basic financial acumen helps participants think like business owners

Business Reality 101

Learning include basics of financial literacy and how to be effective in running your business

Business Reality 201

Understand the relationships between distributors and manufacturers

Celemi Agile Move

Learn to quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions

Celemi Business Finance

Interactive company exercises, participants get an understanding of key financial concepts

Celemi Cayenne

Balancing stakeholder groups to ensure project success

Celemi Decision Base

Grow multiple markets, develop multiple products, understand strategic decision making

Celemi Enterprise

Align your people and your strategy for winning results

Celemi Exploring Change

Addressing the Human Side of Change

Celemi Livon

Boosting profitability by attracting and retaining the right clients – and employees.

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