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Celemi Tango Business Simulation

Managing intangible assets

Celemi Tango Business game is about "Boosting profitability by attracting and retaining the right clients – and employees."

It is often said that it takes two to Tango. In the case of a service–driven company, it´s the chemistry between customers and people that makes the music. In the Celemi Tango™ busisness simulation, six knowledge-intensive firms enter into stiff competition as they try to win clients and recruit key personnel in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The overriding challenge is to develop both the intangible and tangible assets of the company and to secure the long-term profitability.

“Convert personal skills into company-owned tools and processes.”

Each firm is small and stable at start, but the market is growing quickly. Success is dependent on the management team´s ability to develop an agile, yet consistent firm. In Celemi Tango teams need to:

  • build a solid corporate culture
  • attract the right type of employees, grow their competence, and keep them
  • win the desired type of clients, and earn their loyalty
  • utilize resources wisely by monitoring the balance sheet and KPIs
  • harvest people-owned competence into companyowned tools and processes
  • stop competitors from stealing your key employees and clients
  • generate cash flow and profit

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Celemi Tango Quickfacts

Celemi Tango Key Learnings

  • People and customer management
  • Competitive market management
  • How employees and customers best fit benefits
  • Leadership

Key LearningsCelemi Tango Material

  • Celemi Tango is a board-based business simulation or business game
  • All materials needed to run the simulation are provided


  • Celemi Tango has up to six competing teams, 18-24 participants in total
  • Multiple seminars can be held simultaneously
  • Employees in service or knowledge companies

Time required

  • 1.5-2 days, corresponding to 7 years of operation


  • Facilitators certified by Celemi


  • Celemi Tango is available in Bulgarian, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Latin America), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Europe + Latin America) and Swedish
  • All Celemi Business Simulations are continuously translated, so please contact us
  • Business simulations are often called business games

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