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Managing Intangible Assets

Boosting profitability by attracting and retaining the right clients and employees

Retaining Clients & Employees

Boosting profitability by attracting and retaining the right clients – and employees. It´s the chemistry between customers and people that makes the music

Intangible and Tangible Assets

Develop and understand both the intangible and tangible assets of the company and to secure the long-term profitability

Company Assets

Convert personal skills into company-owned tools and processes

great learning game to develop competencies

a terrific team learning event!

Tango – a great learning game to develop competencies in Strategy, Talent Management, Growth, Competitiveness, Delivery Excellence, Branding, Change… a terrific team learning event!

Strategy, learn pricing… big picture & day-to-day… grow revenue now and down the road … and understand if it is profitable revenue.
Boost profitability by attracting and retaining the right clients – and employees.

It is often said that it takes two to Tango. In the case of a service–driven company, it´s the chemistry between customers and people that makes the music. In the Celemi Tango™ business simulation, six knowledge-intensive firms enter into stiff competition as they try to win clients and recruit key personnel in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Each firm is small and stable at start, but the market is growing quickly. Success is dependent on the management team´s ability to develop an agile, yet consistent firm. In Celemi Tango teams need to:

  • build a solid corporate culture
  • attract the right type of employees, grow their competence, and keep them
  • win the desired type of clients, and earn their loyalty
  • utilize resources wisely by monitoring the balance sheet and KPIs
  • harvest people-owned competence into company owned tools and processes
  • stop competitors from stealing your key employees and clients
  • generate cash flow and profit

Celemi Tango Quickfacts

Tango Key Learnings

  • People and customer management
  • Competitive market management
  • How employees and customers best fit benefits
  • Leadership


  • Celemi Tango is a board-based business simulation or business game
  • All materials needed to run the simulation are provided

Time required

  • 1.5-2 days, corresponding to 7 years of operation


  • Celemi Tango has up to six competing teams, 18-24 participants in total\
  • Multiple seminars can be held simultaneously
  • Employees in service or knowledge companies


  • Facilitators certified by Celemi


  • Celemi Tango is available in Bulgarian, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Latin America), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Europe + Latin America) and Swedish
  • All Celemi Business Simulations are continuously translated, so please contact us
  • Business simulations are often called business games

Business Acumen and Financial Acumen Business Simulations

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Celemi Tango

Success through people develops and retains the right clients and talent


Making key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization

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