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Why eLearning?

  • easy to read, understand
  • easy to keep content current and accurate
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • mobile & flexible – on the road, at home, in the café – anywhere with internet access
  • engaging narration, animations , graphics and video

Ideal For Companies

  • of any size - single location to multi-national
  • where time and money are valued
  • where quality & consistency are valued
  • that require flexible delivery - from home or work, day or night
  • that need training and record keeping to mitigate liability

eLearning is Low Cost

  • 60% or more savings over traditional training
  • No travel
  • No classroom
  • No instructor
  • No time off
  • automated record keeping

eLearning is Effective

  • students using online learning performed as well as those in face-to-face courses
  • the connection to performance improvement is in the implementation, not in the delivery mode of learning
  • quality training bolsters job performance & satisfaction - learners develop essential skills - testing with immediate feedback
  • automated record keeping
  • ideal for full time, shift workers, part timers and students – automatically “bookmarks” progress – learning schedule is at student´s convenience
  • speed to performance improvement is quick

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