interplay thumbA business simulation that is like an MBA in a day? Participants have described it this way.

Interplay Business game - "Making key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization."

Do your management and staff see the big picture on a daily basis, Do they understand how they impact your success, your profitability and your corporate image? Interplay™ business game is a one day business simulation or busines literacy game that enables your staff at all levels to see and experience their impact on the company. Interplay Game enables your staff to make better decisions through effective management.

Insights are developed by doing and experiencing success and failure in the Interplay Simulation.  Managing a company with the goal of creating the most successful business possible is the key to success, in this Interplay Simulation as it is in the real world. Managing customers, partners, marketing, human resources, financial and internal processes over a one day period will definitely stretch their capacity to the limit. Just when the participants think they have it right, the unexpected occurs, as it does in the real world. Success depends on planning for the expected and being prepared for the unexpected. Live business reality with Interplay Simulations.

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