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Adult Learning Retention Statistics

Adults retain more when they are engaged and actively involved in learning


Lecture - Classroom Presentation






Group Activities

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When learners practice skills and participate vs just reading or listening to a lecture – retention results are dramatically improved.

Attending a business simulation to learn financial acumen, business acumen or other key business learnings will dramatically improve the retention and the implementation of the learnings you want your staff to absorb. 75% is an extraordinary retention rate!


Experiential and Practice Gives Best Retention

Competitive Advantage

Our business simulations make your employees your best competitive advantage!

Fast Results

Celemi training sessions typically last a day or two, results are fast. The learning approach ensures long-lasting and continuous improvements.

Star Performers 

If your people understand where your organization wants to go – and why – they will take you there!

JTE is a leader in interactive business acumen training. Through customizable simulation sessions your employees get a physical and realistic hands-on experience putting the pieces of your organization together!

Knowing what needs improvement does not mean that your employees know what they need to do differently. Whether it’s controlling costs, closing more sales, improving quality or addressing other related issues – our Business simulations enable employees to know how your business really works. If employees are expected to help you improve, they need to understand what needs to be done and how to do it. Business simulations make improvement a reality!


I recently worked with a client who had just seen a business simulation for the first time. She was very complimentary about the learning experience her team had just completed. She felt it was among the best training sessions she had seen in over 30 years with her company. Intrigued, I asked what she liked about the learning experience.

She responded that many facilitators/trainers make the training about themselves, many more make it about the content but that our simulation had made it about the learner. That is, to her, the key to learning.

I walked away feeling that I had just heard the best thing about our simulations I could possibly hear. Our simulations made the learning about the learner –
but isn’t it supposed to be like that?

Experience a simulation, understand what that client saw and why she felt as she did. Look in our coming events page for upcoming sessions so you can experience learning that is learner focused and results focused and a fun learning experience.

If you want to BUILD a culture where employees are Passionate about their work – YOU need the Right Tools! Whether it’s:

  • controlling costs
  • closing more sales
  • improving quality

employees need to know how your business really works if they are expected to help you increase productivity! Our business solutions unify everyone in an organization around a common set of objectives so that they are understood and provide clear guidelines for individual action.

JTe is a leader in interactive business acumen training using business simulations and business simulation games.
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Client List

Solutions to business issues have been provided to many companies; large corporations to smaller businesses. The following list contains some of the industries JTe has worked with directly or through our partners.

Financial Services, Public Institutions, NGOs

IT/IS, Telecommunications

Manufacturing, Engineering, Automotive

Retail, Pharmaceutical, Health Care