sales endeavor thumbCelemi Endeavor - A repeatable process for developing and implementing a successful sales campaign.

“Celemi Sales Endeavor™ will help your team increase sales, improve close rates, reduce cycle times, and give management greater insight into the organization´s sales pipeline.”

Celemi Sales Endeavor™ is an exciting combination of real-life sales application and an interactive business simulation that gives sales professionals a chance to work through existing sales opportunities methodically and strategically in an engaging and competitive business game.

During the Celemi Endeavor simulation, participants navigate their way through a challenging sales opportunity filled with risks, unexpected detours, “rat holes,” competitive informants, changing organizations, hidden agendas, shifting buying preferences, unreasonable expectations, strong competition, and customer uncertainty. In other words, with Celemi Endeavor your sales team experiences real life sales situations while playing an engaging business game.

By the end of Celemi Endeavor participants leave with a fully developed sales plan for one of their own prospects as well as the skills and insight needed to win more sales in the future. The best part: the process is repeatable!

Celemi Sales Endeavor™ ultimately saves sales professionals valuable time and resources by helping them think through strategic considerations, such as buyers and competition, so they choose only the most productive and profitable opportunities to pursue.

As a result of participating in this Celemi Endeavor simulation, you´ll learn how to:

  • Create a well-defined sales plan that saves time and money and improves your chances of success.
  • Achieve competitive differentiation as much through how you sell as what you sell.
  • Make speed and timing work for you in a competitive sales campaign.
  • Keep the focus on the prospect–s business and specific challenges.
  • Identify the right buyer and the right time within the target organization.

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