Business Simulations

Business Simulations or Business Games are Clearly Realistic

JTe is a leader in interactive business acumen training using business simulations and business simulation games. Through customizable sessions, your employees get a physical and realistic hands-on experience putting the pieces of your organization together!

Business Management games enable your employees to understand what needs improvement. More than that the business literacy they learn will enable them to understand what needs to be done differently. Using business training simulations to understand cost control, closing more sales, improving quality or other essential business issues enables employees to know how your business really works. If employees are expected to help you increase productivity and profitability, then business literacy is essential. Business simulations make improvement a reality!

Business management games make your employees your best competitive advantage! Business literacy means “I know and understand how we make money”. Can your employees answer yes to that question?

Business simulations are training sessions that typically last a day or two. Results are fast. But the learning approach in business simulations ensures increased business literacy as well as ensuring long-lasting and continuous improvement.

If your people understand where your organization wants to go – and why – they will take you there!

Our business learning solutions which include business simulations and business games rapidly improve business performance. Business training simulations develop peoples' business skills, knowledge and motivation! We help companies address many challenges including:

  • Implement change
  • Create alignment
  • Boost performance
  • Reinforce values
  • Enhance capabilities

...and every challenge requires its own solution. Leading companies have successfully addressed these and other business issues using business simulations and games. Develop business literacy – see better results from your staff

Business Reality 201

BusinessReality201Business Reality 201® is a comprehensive board-based Business simulation or business game that looks at the delicate relationship between distributors and manufacturers. The ultimate goal is to allow both distributors and manufacturers to gain a better understanding of how each other’s business operates and how dependent each one is on the other

In this business simulation, there are multiple linked pairs of distributors and manufacturers. Each linked pair (company) competes against the other pairs.  Each company consists of three to four players. There are two companies or three or four people each around eachbusiness simulation board, at each table.

Each company in this business game needs to put its own strategy together as well as create an integrated strategy on areas of the business such as:

• Supply-Chain Management
• Competitive pricing
• Margin
• Market share
• Product mix and market leadership
• Rebates and much more

There are four managerial roles in this business simulation:

• Sales and Marketing
• Finance
• Business Strategist
• Operations

Each of the two companies that make up the paired team has these managerial roles. The real-world distribution and manufacturing participants are mixed so that everyone gets to walk in each other’s shoes.

Both companies, though paired, are responsible for driving their own profits first. One of the realizations that come from this program is that both sides learn just how much  their success is based on the trust that is built by being strategically aligned with their business partner.


The business simulation is designed to be run in one day. The business games agenda is listed below:

A Quick Look at Year 1

      • Distributor and Manufacturer run their own business independently. This is a logistic year and the goal is to help both partners understand how the other works.
      • Look at cash flow separately from the distributor’s perspective as well as the manufacturer’s perspective and everything that is entailed in that discussion.
      • Look at cash flow from a cooperative perspective as product moves from the distributor to the manufacturer and payment flows from the distributor to the manufacturer
      • Look at the cash flow cycle as the money flows from the customer to the distributor
      • Standard Income Statements and Balance Sheets are utilized to update and increase both business and financial acumen.

A Quick Look at Year 2

      • ‘Pairs’ are given 2 hours to eat lunch and put together a comprehensive business plan. They are competing in an open marketplace for orders, and being successful in the marketplace has a major impact on profitability and viability. (Hard to run your company with revenue.)
      • This becomes the real value of this simulation experience. Collectively both companies need to talk about everything needed to not only work together better but also to parley that relationship into driving sales, profits and value for not only each other, but also for the end user customer as well! Regardless of whether you are running this internally or with one of your key distributors, this program is going to open eyes on ‘both sides of the ledger’.
      • Strategic Planning and Execution
      • Understanding the business from both the Distributor and Manufacturing Point of View
      • Expanding Capacity
      • Managing Suppliers and Customers Effectively

The Teams also deal with Competitive Pricing at the Sales and Marketing Table

      • If discounts are to be offered to win business then distributor has to get the manufacturer to agree to price concessions so that the distributor doesn’t lose too much on the sale.
      • If manufacturer determines it is bad business to offer price concessions then the distributor can still make an offer to the customer but they take on all of the risk themselves.
      • Impact of the product life cycle. ‘A’ and ‘B’ products have been around for a while and are beginning to decrease in value. Revenues begin to erode.
      • Importance of engineering on the development of upgraded products to increase distribution and manufacturing and revenue streams (investment in Year 2 actualization in Year 3).
      • What does it mean to be a Market Leader?
        • In the simulation there are 3 different product groups, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.
        • Each team can determine if they wish to hold dominance in a particular product suite.
        • Understand how difficult it is to catch the market leader if they are doing what they are supposed to do.
        • What it means to be ‘an also-ran’ in today’s market economy

A Quick Look at Year 3

      • Re-Evaluating the Strategy and Executing Through Change
      • Tougher Competition
      • Shrinking or Growing – Managing through both
      • Running Lean
      • Assisting the Distributor with Sales
      • Looking for New Opportunities
      • Rebates
      • Differentiating Yourself from your Competitors
      • Understanding the Value Proposition of your Channel Partner


    • How do we work in this business simulation more closely together to drive sales
    • What impact does the distributor have on helping their manufacturing partners add value, reduce costs
    • Discussion of a distributor’s automation business initiatives and the future of the industry
    • What does the future look like for you and your business partners?
    • Interested in other business simulations to drive business training and business learning? See Business Reality 101 or Celemi Decision Base

Talent Reality

The TalentRealityTalent Reality 101® Business Simulation is a comprehensive ‘hands-on’ workshop that takes a realistic look at the talent challenge, work flow process and the complexities of running a modern day organization. It recognizes the importance of talent deployment, employee engagement, driving efficiencies, cash flow, competition for skilled talent, and customer satisfaction and the impact they have individually and collectively on the bottom line and in driving organizational excellence.

• Understand the relationship and gaps between employees, productivity, services and profitability and future organizational requirements

• Recognize the importance of having an adaptable workforce and flexibility in the organization

• Learn techniques for tapping into an underutilized workforce, building talent pipelines and leveraging your workforce

• Implement workforce optimization strategies to maximize the customer experience with minimal operational costs, operational efficiencies and shared objectives

• Understand the percentage of your workforce that is being effectively utilized

• Importance of achieving ‘discretionary effort’ – ‘Want to Behavior’ – fostering a culture of employee engagement

• Understand Income Statements, Balance Sheets and employee shared services…providing a clear picture of the value of employees and how they impact the bottom line

Our goal with ‘Talent Reality’ is to work with your management team ‘facing challenges that bring challenges’. We provide a learning environment to identify, collaborate, and leverage the capabilities of employees and their talents, creating a competitive advantage that is critical for success in a your organization. It sounds simple …. that’s why this workshop would be perfect for your people!


The Talent Reality business simulation is designed to be run in one day simulating three business years.

A Quick look at Year 1

• This is a logistic year and the goal is to help both the participants to understand how their business works, how they generate cash and earn profits.
• Realize the time lag between a newly on boarded employee and seeing results.
• Look at cash flow from the organizations’ perspective and see the impact that cash flow has on the business.
• Visualize the negative impact of underutilized employees on the business.
• Understand the difference between a utilized and underutilized workforce on profits and margins.
• Look at the cash flow cycle as the money flows from the customer to the simulated company.
• Standard Income Statements and Balance Sheets are utilized to update and increase both business and financial acumen.

A Quick look at Year 2

• ‘Company’ takes a look at the cost of Turnover.
• Companies are asked to pick a strategic direction for their company. Imperative that the companies turn a profit this year. The purpose is to help the participants understand what certain financial drivers mean and why companies make the hard choices they do at times.
• Realize the impact that efficiency has on driving profits and satisfying customer demands.
• Utilize and maintain a cross-trained and fully adaptable workforce and the implications it has on the business.
• Managing People, Processes, Products and Profits.

A Quick look at Year 3

• Re-Evaluating the Strategy and Executing Through Change.
• Tougher Competition
• Shrinking or Growing – Managing through both
• Running Lean
• Assisting the Company with Sales.
• Looking for New Opportunities.
• Differentiating Yourself from your Competitors.
• Understanding your company’s Value Proposition.

Interested in other simulations that deal with talent management visit Celemi Tango or Interplay Business Simulation

Celemi Apples and Oranges Business Simulation

Celemi Apples & Oranges - apples oranges thumb"Invite people to think like business owners – so they can base their future decisions on sound business thinking."

Celemi Apples & Oranges, a business simulation, is available in four different versions: Manufacturing, Manufacturing-Sales, Retail and Service. Each version is available in multiple languages. Celemi Apples & Oranges® business simulation brings financial statements to life through its simple, profound model of a company. 

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Supply Chain Management

supply chain managementSupply Chain Management Business Simulation

With extensive experience in the distribution industry, the Distribution Team’s goal is to provide you with the best advisory services in order to improve operational efficiencies and enrich your business.

All employees need to understand the fundamentals of the distributor business, your core business and competencies, and to stay focused, especially during times of uncertainty and instability.

Just getting back to the fundamentals – sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not so!

What does that mean and how can our Business Simulations help you?

  • Enabling your workforce's understanding of your financials: income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, operating expenses, customer/sales force profitability, and budgeting to support financial strategies

  • Understand core and next-to-core competencies: perceive growth opportunities, maximize core customer retention, competition, density/saturation, and market share

  • Analyze customer profitability: cost to serve, cost to serve margin and extended margin contributions, financial drivers, costs/customer/channel/market, etc.

  • Utilize variable compensation programs: non-fixed monetary rewards contingent on discretion, performance, or results achieved (overtime, inventory accuracy, damage, picking/shipping accuracy, loss accidents, accounts receivables, purchasing, etc.)

  • Managing your inventory: inventory management/inventory performance measures, turns, hits, carrying cost, product life cycle, obsolete inventory, inventory accuracy, service percentage, customer preference, etc
  • This Business Game can help you and your management team re-focus on the fundamentals, including a greater understanding of customers' needs, cash generation, cash flow, supply chain, supplier relationships, alliances, operational efficiencies, inventory, profitability, etc., and how all these different perspectives work together to have an impact on the bottom line. It’s not so simple, is it?

Interested in similar Business Simulations or Business Games check out  Celemi Apples and Oranges or Business Reality 101

Decision Mojo

decision mojo thumb"An organization's continued success requires a cadre of leaders and professionals skilled in the art and science of making good decisions."

There is no activity more fundamental to personal and organizational success than decision-making. It is the one task shared by every leader and professional in an organization. It is also how they individually and collectively earn their keep.

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interplay thumbInterplay Business Simulation - "Making key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization."

Do your management and staff see the big picture on a daily basis, Do they understand how they impact your success, your profitability and your corporate image? The Interplay™ business simulation is a one day business simulation or business literacy game that enables your staff at all levels to see and experience their impact on the company. The Interplay Simulation Game enables your staff to make better decisions through effective management.

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Business Reality 101

business reality thumbBusiness Reality 101™ (BR101) is a board-based learning simulation designed to be delivered in less than one day (often four hours) that enables employees to make effective business decisions and to manage their simulated business. Participants work in teams of 3 or 4 participants and with anywhere from four to several hundred teams in a learning group.

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Celemi Decision Base

Celemi Decision Base -decision base thumb"Making key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization."

In this Celemi business simulation six capital-intensive companies are competing for customers in a highly competitive, rapidly changing marketplace. Participants take on the role of the management team – comprised of finance, production, marketing and corporate intelligence. Their challenge is to make the right investments at the right time – and to get the required return.

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Celemi Tango

Celemi Tango tango thumb"Boosting profitability by attracting and retaining the right clients – and employees."

It is often said that it takes two to Tango. In the case of a service–driven company, it's the chemistry between customers and people that makes the music. In our Celemi Tango™ business simulation, six knowledge-intensive firms enter into stiff competition as they try to win clients and recruit key personnel in a rapidly changing marketplace. The Tango business game is a two day business simulation.

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Celemi Enterprise

Celemi Enterprise Business Simualtion or Business Game will enterprise thumb"Inspire team members to apply business concepts that help put your strategy into action – fast."

Success is a moving target. How do you get all your people behind your strategy in a marketplace that is rapidly changing? In the Celemi Enterprise™ business simulation, six companies compete for the same customers in a dynamic marketplace.

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Celemi Sales Endeavor

sales endeavor thumb“Celemi Sales Endeavour™ will help your team increase sales, improve close rates, reduce cycle times, and give management greater insight into the organization´s sales pipeline.”

Celemi Sales Endeavour™ is an exciting combination of real-life sales application and an interactive learning simulation that gives sales professionals a chance to work through existing sales opportunities methodically and strategically in an engaging and competitive atmosphere.

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Celemi Livon

livon thumb"Attracting and retaining targeted clients in extremely competitive markets" using Celemi Livon

Four retailers are in tough competition for the same customers in a growing market. The overriding challenge is to build and retain a profitable customer base. Who will emerge as the market leader?

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